The Coppell Lacrosse Association is dedicated to fostering the growth and development of the sport and its players in the North Texas Region.

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Third Party Lacrosse Policy


Coppell Lacrosse supports the participation in 3rd Party lacrosse programs for the players that choose to participate in those programs, as long as those 3rd Party programs do not interfere with their obligations as a member of their particular Coppell Lacrosse team. This policy pertains to spring, summer and fall Coppell Lacrosse obligations. Coppell Lacrosse does not endorse any one particular 3rd Party lacrosse program in the area, regardless of any of its coaching staff’s connections with such programs. In no way will any Coppell Lacrosse player be given any special treatment or consideration based upon his participation in a 3rd Party program involving current, past or future Coppell Lacrosse coaches. This policy also pertains to private lessons, camps, clinics and the like. Coppell Lacrosse will continue to disseminate information from various programs for the benefit of its players from time to time, but this is for informational purposes only and the dissemination of any particular 3rd Party program marketing material (or the absence thereof) in no way suggests an opinion of the Coppell Lacrosse program, positive or negative.


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Brooks Carter


Coppell Lacrosse Association